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January 12 - 14, 2018
Edmonton Expo Centre, Northlands

Yamaha R6

2017 R6 – “Since its debut in 1999, the R6 has been the bike of choice for serious 600 class riders and racers. For 2017, the R6 features a host of improvements including new ABS brakes with larger front rotors, new 43 mm fully adjustable inverted forks and an R1 inspired body design that is sure to turn heads. The R6 is full of innovation and technology you won't find on the competitor's machinery”

Yamaha R3

2017 R3 – “Yamaha has raised the bar again in the entry sports class with the addition of ABS braking to very popular R3. Sporting a twin cylinder 320 cc engine and an ultra lightweight chassis, the R3 offers a solid combination of class-leading power and light, agile handling. Add in an easy to ride personality and confidence inspiring ABS brakes and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun riding experience !”

Yamaha FZ-07

2017 FZ-07 – “The FZ-07 is a motorcycle that brings fun, affordability and riding enjoyment back to the street. This versatile naked roadster offers deep engine torque and a comfortable riding position in a lightweight, easy to handle sports chassis. It's the perfect machine for both new and experienced riders alike who are looking for outstanding value.”

Yamaha FZ-09

2017 FZ-09 – “The FZ-09 naked sports roadster has taken the next step in its evolution. Heading an impressive list of changes for 2017 is the addition of confidence inspiring ABS brakes, all- new super aggressive "twin eye" LED headlights and a revised fully adjustable 41 mm inverted fork thanks to the addition of compression damping adjustment. The one thing that didn't change is the incredible 847 cc, 3 cylinder engine that is guaranteed to put a grin on your face every time you twist the throttle”

Yamaha SCR950

2017 SCR950 – “For riders who are looking for a rugged vintage design but want the reliability of today's motorcycles, look no further than the all-new SCR950. With distinct scrambler style, modern technology, and a pulsating 942 cc V-twin, the SCR950 blurs the line between past and present.”

Colour Availability in Canada


SCR950         Vivid Red Cocktail

SCR950         Dark Bluish Metallic Grey

FZ-09A (ABS)           Bluish White Pearl

FZ-09A (ABS)           Deep Red Metallic

FZ-09A (ABS)           Bluish Gray

FZ-07A (ABS)           Vivid Red Cocktail

FZ-07A (ABS)           Pale Blue Metallic

FZ-07 (non-ABS)     Bluish Gray

FZ-07 (non-ABS)     Pale Blue Metallic

YZF-R6          Deep Purplish Blue Metallic

YZF-R6          Mat Dark Gray Metallic

YZF-R6          Bluish White Pearl

YZF-R3A (ABS)       Mat Black

YZF-R3A (ABS)       White Metallic

YZF-R3 (non-ABS)  Deep Purplish Blue Metallic

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